1. Codex Argenteus

location: Uppsala, Universitetsbibliotek [Sign. DG. 1]
size: 187 leaves (originally 336 leaves)
content: Parts of the Gospels in the order Matthew, John, Luke, Mark.

Page of the Codex ArgenteusSplendid manuscript written in silver and gold ink on purple parchment, also known as the Silver Bible (Swedish Silverbibeln). Presumably written in Italy in the early 6th century. First discovered in the sixteenth century in the monastery of Werden (Germany). Subsequently taken to Prague (Rudolf II), captured by the Swedes (1648) and brought to Stockholm, taken to Holland by Isaac Vossius and finally bought by Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie, who donated the manuscript to the University of Uppsala (1669).

External links:

Codex Argenteus Online at Uppsala University Library, with several digital editions.
Digital version of the 1927 facsimile, by David Landau.
A complete bibliography of the Codex Argenteus, compiled by Christian Petersen.
Codex Argenteus, from Ravenna to Uppsala: paper by Lars Munkhammar on the history of the codex.
The Codex Argenteus: An Essay in Codicology, by Professor James Marchand.

2. Codex Ambrosianus A

location: Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana [Sign. S. 36 parte superiore]
size: 102 leaves (190 legible, 2 illegible and 12 empty pages)
content: Parts of the Epistles, Gothic Calendar.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest).

3. Codex Ambrosianus B

location: Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana [Sign. S. 45 parte superiore]
size: 77 leaves (154 pages and 2 empty pages)
content: Parts of the Epistles
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest).

4. Codex Ambrosianus C

location: Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana [Sign. J. 61 parte superiore]
size: 2 leaves
content: Fragments of Matthew 25-27.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest).

5. Codex Ambrosianus D

location: Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana [Sign. G. 82 parte superiore]
size: 3 leaves
content: Fragments of Nehemiah 5-7.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest).

6. Codex Ambrosianus E

location: Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana [Sign. E. 147 parte superiore]
size: 5 leaves
content: Pages 77/78, 79/80, 111/112, 113/114 and 309/310 of the Skeireins.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest). De facto starting point for information on the Skeireins (a commentary on St. John) is Christian Petersen’s Skeireins Project.

7. Codex Carolinus

location: Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek [Sign. 4148]
size: 4 leaves
content: Fragments of Romans 11-15.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest). Bilingual Latin-Gothic.

8. Codex Gissensis

location: [Gießen, Universitätsbibliothek] [Sign. [Handschrift Nr. 651/20]]
size: 1 (damaged) double leaf
content: Fragments of Luke 23-24
Bilingual Latin-Gothic, found in Egypt (1907). Destroyed by water damage in 1945. We refer to Christian Petersen’s website for more information, including images and a bibliography.

9. Codex Taurinensis [part of A]

location: Turin, University library
size: 4 leaves
content: Fragments of the Epistles to the Galatians and Colossians.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest). Four damaged leaves from Codex Ambrosianus A: nur ein nach Turin verschlagenes Stück von A (Streitberg 1919, S. 367)

10. Codex Vaticanus Latinus 5750

location: Rome, Biblioteca Vaticana [Sign. Cod. Vat. lat. 5750]
size: 3 leaves
content: Pages 57/58, 59/60 and 61/62 of the Skeireins.
Codex rescriptus (palimpsest). There’s an image of the manuscript (leaf 1, page 57) at David Landau’s site. Visit the Skeireins Project for more information.

11. Naples Deed

location: Naples
size: fragment
content: four signatures.
Papyrus, 551 A.D. We refer again to Christian Petersen’s website for a complete bibliography and image.

12. Arezzo Deed

location: [Arezzo]
size: fragment
content: one signature
Papyrus. Previously in Arezzo, now lost. Bibliography by Christian Petersen.

13. Speyer fragment [part of CA]

location: Speyer
size: 1 leaf
content: Last verses of Mark 16.
Last leaf of the Codex Argenteus, found in Speyer (1970). Bibliography by Christian Petersen.