Answers to lesson 8

1. In the hall of Hrothgar (Hrothagais) which is called Heorot (Hairuts), many songs are sung and many drinks are drunk.
2. Tomorrow, silver is given to all men and women who come (coming) to his house.
3. Come into our assembly, you are called.
4. We two saw our servant carrying wood to the villages.
5. Loyal servants, you are children of the living God.
6. Give my guests the portions of the meat which they can eat.
7. Few maids are given the power that God gave you.
8. Under (the) roots of the tree, you two (will) find a golden treasure that my father hid in (the) earth
when the people of his own village were killed (was is used because thiuda is grammatically singular).
9. The evil lord struck his servant with many strokes.
10.I cast you out from our assembly; your staff is broken.

1. In thizai rohsnai Hrothagaizis soei Hairuts haitada, managai saggweis siggwanda jah managa dragka
2. Du maurgina, silubr gibada allaim mannam jah qenim qimandam du garda is.
3. Qim in gaqumth unsara; thu haitaza.
4. Wit sehwu thiu ugkarana bairandan triu du thaim haimom.
5. Triggwai thiwos, sijuth baureis this qiwis Guths.
6. Gibith jus gastim meinaim thos dailos this matis thozei eis magun itan.
7. Fawaim magathim gibada so mahts soei Guth thus gaf.
8. Undar waurtins this bagmis, finthats gultheinata huzd thatei atta meins falh in airthai than so thiuda haimais seinaizos afslahana was.
9. Sa ubila frauja sloh thiu seinana mith managaim slahim.
10.Ik afwairpa thus fram gaqumthai unsarai; hrugga theina brikada.

1. While they gathered fruit, a little snow fell on the servants standing in the fields.
2. Need of bread drove me from the bosom of my family.
3. Since our men touched the women of the village, they were killed in a great slaughter.
4. Songs are sung about the need of the Nibelungs, those men whose deeds of power are continually proclaimed through our lands.
5. In the days of the resurrection, neither man nor maid will speak an evil word to each other.
6. The king gave coins to those needing silver for bread and drink.
7. The serpent bit the man stealing a cup from his treasure.
8. The hall of the king Hrothagais is burned, where formerly Bijawulfs fought the demon Grandils.
9. You are called to speak before the assembly of men of the village.
10.She saw your girlfriend walking with him.

1. Im lisandam akran(a), faus snaiws draus ana thaim thiwam standandam in (thaim) akram.
2. Nauths hlaibis usdraif mik us thamma barma fadreinais meinaizos.
3. Gumam unsaraim tekandam thizos haimais qenim, eis afslahanda in mikilai slauhtai.
4. Saggweis siggwanda bi tho nauth Nibilugge, thize gumane thizeei thos dedeis mahtais sinteino gateihanda and landa unsara.
5. In thaim dagam thizos urristais ni manna ni magaths ubilata waurd qithand du sis misso.
6. Sa thiudans skattans gaf thaim thaurbandam silubr faur hlaif jah dragk.
7. Sa waurms bait thana mannan stilandan stikl us huzda seinamma.
8. Sa rohsns this thiudanis Hrothagaizis brinnada, tharei faurthis waih Bijawulfs thana unhulthan Grandil.
9. Thu haitaza du qithan faura thizai gaqumthai manne thizos haimais.
10.Si sahw frijondja theina hwairbandein mith imma.

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