Answers to lesson 7

1. The treasure was stolen from (the) house of the king.
2. We saw the army which walked in land near (the) mountains.
3. The teacher said many words to his students which they did notunderstand well.
4. In the old days, the god of rain who was called “Frauja”, was worshipped in the kingdom of the
5. The maidens ate sweet honey that was found in an old tree.
6. The hatred of my adversary burns in his soul.
7. The lawless men were drive out from the land.
8. Our priest speaks true words, but their priest always lies.
9. What should be offered to the priests of Thunrs?
10.I stood in a field on the mountain, and (I) saw the ship sunken in (the) sea.

1. Thata huzd stulan was fram razna thiudanis.
2. Weis sehwum thana hari saei hwarf in land nehwa fairgunjam.
3. Sa laisareis siponjam seinaim qath managa waurda thoei eis ni waila frothun.
4. In thaim althjam dagam, sa guth rignis, saei “Frauja” was haitans, was inwitans in thizai
thiudangardjai thize Gutane. (“Frauja”: cf. Old English Frea, Old Norse Freyr).
5. Tho maujos etun wothi milith thatei in althjamma bagma funthan was.
6. So fijathwa andastathjis meinis brinnith in saiwalai is.
7. Thai unsibjans mannans usdribanai wesun us thamma landa.
8. Weiha unsar qithith sunja waurda, ith weiha ize sinteino liugith.
9. Hwa skal wisan atbauran thaim gudjam Thunris? (“Thunrs” cf. OE Thunor, ON Thorr).
10.In haithja ana thamma fairgunja stoth ik, jah sahw thata skip sugqano in marein.

1. Thamma harja ik gaf barna meina; nu ija afslahana sind.
2. Qith mis, fram &hw;izai thiudangardjai qam nithjis theins?
3. Thata rign draus, jah sa winds waiwo, jah sa hwa iteis ni lisans ni thruskans was.
4. Hwar sind tho niujona hilmos jah brunjons thoei uns gibana wesun?
5. Than thata kaurn saian ist, ni hwairbith in thaim akram mith frijondjom theinaim.
6. Thiudans unsar ligith in hlaiwa seinamma und thana andi dage.
7. Hait thiujos meinos jah qith, “Hwar is wasti soei thamma mauja gibana was?”
8. Guth gibith uns niujata land; thar sinteino akran itam jah wein drigkam.
9. Frijai gumans jah frijos qinons ni skulun slahana wisan.
10.Sa thiudans undar thata fairguni aftra qimith du thiudangardjai seinai.

1. I gave my children to the army; now they are killed.
2. Tell me, from what kingdom did your kinsman come?
3. The rain fell, and the wind blew, and the wheat was neither gathered nor threshed.
4. Where are the new helms and breastplates which were given to us?
5. When the grain is sown, do not (pl.) walk on the fields with your friends (
6. Our king lies in his grave until the end of days.
7. Call my maidservants and say, “Where is clothing that was given to the maiden?”
8. God gives us a new land; there we (will) always eat fruit and drink wine.
9. Free men and free women should not be beaten.
10.The king under the mountain comes again to his own kingdom.

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