Answers to lesson 6

1. Let the good man come with me, and I (will) give him all the lands of the earth.
2. Let the house of the evil priests burn, Wairamunds!
3. Let the young men drink a cup of wine.
4. Carry (pl.) to my house all the treasure that my lord gave me.
5. The nation of which he is king is small.
6. Where ought we two sleep, on (the) ground under (the) sky, or in a dog’s house?
7. Who are you? Where are you going? Tell me, or I’ll kill you.
8. You didn’t speak to the prisoner whom the lord threw in jail, did you? No, I didn’t speak to him.
9. Didn’t you give all your silver to the beggars? Yes, I gave it to them.
10.Why are you carrying fishes to (the) field

1. Qimadau sa goda guma mith mis, jah ik giba imma alla tho landa thizos airthos.
2. Brinnadau thata razn thize ubilane weihane, Wairamund!
3. Drigkandau thai juggans mannans stikl weinis.
4. Bairith du razna meinamma all thata huzd thatei mis gaf frauja meins.
5. Leitila so thiuda thizozei is thiudans ist.
6. Hwar skulu slepan, ana airthai undar himin, aiththau in razn hundis?
7. Hwas thu? hwadre gaggis? Qith mis, aiththau ik thuk afslaha.
8. Ibai qast thamma bandjin thammei sa frauja in karkarai afwarp? Ne, ik ni qath imma.
9. Niu gaft thaim tharbam all silubr thein? Jai, ik gaf ita im.
10.Duhwe bairith jus fiskans du akra?

1. Hwamma skalt thu giban thos gibos thizos saiwalos?
2. Tho liuhada thoei bar thata skip, skinun ana marein.
3. Qithadau thoei is kann.
4. Hwana sahwt in akra theinamma, saei ni was skalks theins?
5. Niu est thu all thata akran thatei thus gaf so qino?
6. Gagg du haljai, Alamoth! Tho waurda thoei thu qast, lugun.
7. Ibai bairis (thu) tho haubida wulfe du fraujin theinamma?
8. Itandau (thata) gras jah astans thoei eis magun finthan; ni kara mik.
9. Hwis barnilo bairis (thu)? Sa manna, thizei thata barnilo ik baira in wambai meinai, sa thiudans ist.
10.Thai fiskos thlauhun thana stain saei in ahwai draus.

1. To whom should you give the gifts of the soul?
2. The lights which the ship carried shone on the sea.
3. Let him say what (things) he knows.
4. Whom did you see in your field who was not your servant?
5. Didn’t you eat all the fruit that the woman gave you?
6. Go to hell, Alamoths! The words which you spoke lied.
7. You aren’t carrying those wolves’ heads to your lord, are you?
8. Let them eat the grass and twigs which they can find; it doesn’t concern me.
9. Whose child do you carry? The king is the man whose child I carry in my womb.
10.The fishes fled the stone which fell into the river.

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