Answers to lesson 5

1. My mother gave me her book.
2. The maiden drove the herd to the river.
3. The king has golden breastplates and a silver helm.
4. They ought to speak to the women.
5. You (pl.) do not know the depth of the sea.
6. She knows (the) sorrow and (the) care in her soul.
7. Alaric is king of the great people of the Goths.
8. My people came to me and said, “the stars are falling from the skies, and the land is sinking into the sea!”
9. Your lord said, “All prisoners ought to suffer in prison.”
10.The calves died in the ditch from thirst.
11.The priest knows the mysteries of the book.

1. Aithei meina gaf mis bokos seinos.
2. So mawilo draif tho hairda du thizai ahwai.
3. Sa thiudans aih brunjons gultheinos jah hilm silubreinana.
4. Ijos skulun qithan du thaim qinom.
5. Ni kunnuth tho diupein thizos mareins.
6. Si wait tho saurga jah tho kara in saiwalai seinai.
7. Alareiks ist thiudans thizos mikilaizos thiudos thize Gutane.
8. Thiuda meina qam du mis jah qath, “thos stairnons driusand af himinam, jah thata land sigqith in marein!”
9. Frauja theins qath, “Allai bandjans skulun winnan in karkarai.”
10.Thos kalbons swultun in thaim grabam fram thaurstein.
11.Sa gudja kann tho runa thizo boko.


1. Ik mag qithan managa waurda in razdai Gutiskai.
2. Ik kann thos runos thizos saiwalos.
3. So mawilo urrais jah galaith du aithein seinaijah qath, “Ik giba thus giba.”
4. Si aih managata kaurn thaim kalbom.
5. In thamma daga ik wann managa kara jahsaurga, jah ik thlauh du razna izos.
6. Eis tauhun thos kalbons jah thans gaitans du ahwai, ith ija* ni drugkun.
7. Weis hwaurbum ana thizai gatwai mith thaim qinom.
8. Fram hauhhairtein seinai, si ni mag kunnan frijathwa.
9. Stibnos ize in ausam meinaim sind.
10.Mannans jah qinons ana airthai thaurbun frijathwos jah sunjos in hairtam seinaim.
*When the antecedents are of different genders, as here (kalbons f., gaitos m.) the neuter is used.

1. I can say many words in the Gothic language.
2. I know the mysteries of the soul.
3. The women hid the treasures in the ditch.
4. The maiden arose and went to her mother and said, “I give you a gift.”
5. She has much grain for the calves.
6. On that day I suffered much care and sorrow, and I fled to her house.
7. They led the calves and the goats to the river, but they did not drink.
8. We walked on the street with the women.
9. Because of (fram) her pride, she cannot know love.
10.Their voices are in my ears.
11.Men and women on earth need love and truth in their hearts.

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