Answers to lesson 4

1. We are the Goths! Alaric is our king. He is a great man.
2. Theodoric was a king of Ostrogoths. He was lord over many men.
3. Ulfilas was a holy man and priest among the Goths. He spoke the word of God to them.
4. At one time the Goths worshipped many gods, and the sun and the moon in the heavens.
5. The water of the well is cold. I do not drink from the cold water.
6. My little boys are sick. They are not well (whole).
7. You Goths are neither good nor evil.
8. Roosters and sparrows are birds. The rooster is a big bird, but the sparrow is small. The rooster is red and black and white. It sings in the morning, and all men wake. It eats much grain.
9. The man found worms in his bread. He did not eat it, but he ate the bread of his neighbor.

1. Weis sijum thai Gutans! Alareiks ist thiudans unsar. Is mikils guma ist.
2. Thiudareiks was Austragutane thiudans. Is was frauja ufar managaim mannam.
3. Wulfila was weiha jah gudja in thaim Gutam. Is qath du im thata waurd Guths.
4. Simle thai Gutans inwitun managa guda, jah thana sunnan jah thana menan in thaim himinam.
5. Thata wato this brunnins kald ist. Ik ni drigka af thamma kaldin watin.
6. Magulans meinai siukai sind. Eis ni sind hailai.
7. Jus Gutans sijuth ni godai ni ubilai.
8. Hanans jah sparwans sind fuglos. Sa hana mikils fugls ist, ith sa sparwa smals ist. Sa hana ist rauths jah swarts jah hweits. Is in maurgin siggwith, jah allai mannans wakand. Is itith managa kaurnona.
9. Sa manna fanth mathans in hlaiba seinamma. Is ni et ina, ith is et thana hlaif this garaznins is.

1. Ik sahw mannan in thamma akra. Augona is fagra wesun.
2. Alla barnilona meina setun ana thamma mikilin raudin sitla.
3. Stiklos igqarai sind fullai weinis.
4. Is sahw thana siukan guman, thana blindan guman, jah thana haltan guman in thamma hweitin razna.
5. Attans izwarai wesun fraujans allis this landis.
6. Sa bandja stal gulth jah silubr af thamma mikilin gultheinin huzda fraujins unsaris.
7. Sa sunna bairhts ist in thamma daga, sa mena ist liuhath in thamma riqiza.
8. Thiudareiks nam hilm seinana du thamma landa thize Austragutane.
9. Thata namo

1. I saw a man in the field. His eyes were beautiful.
2. All my children sat on the big red seat.
3. Your (du.) cups are full of wine. (use genitive)
4. He saw the sick man, the blind man, and the lame man in the white house.
5. Your (pl.) fathers were lords of all the land.
6. The prisoner stole gold and silver from the big golden treasure of our lord.
7. The sun is bright in the day, the moon is a light in the darkness.
8. Theodoric took his (own) helmet to the land of the Ostrogoths.
9. The name of your (sg.) second child is Ulfilas.

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