Answers to lesson 3

1. Sa thiudans this landis sat ana thamma sitla.
2. Thai bagmos standand in thaim akram.
3. Tho barna thize skalke ni sehwun thana thiudan in thamma daga.
4. Thai skalkos this thiudanis forun du thaim raznam.
5. Thata barn wok in maurgin.

1. The king of the land sat on the seat.
2. The trees stand in the field.
3. The children of the servants did not see the king on that day.
4. The servants of the king went to the houses.
5. The child woke in the morning.

1. Thize barne hundos (or, Thai hundos thize barne) saislepun undar thana ligr (or, uf thamma ligra).
2. Thai wulfos gaggand (farand) in thamma riqiza.
3. Thata barn sahw fugl in thamma himina.
4. Thai astos this bagmis ni berun laubans.
5. Thiudanos itand hlaif jah milith jah drigkand wein in thamma daga.

1. The children’s dogs slept under the bed.
2. The wolves walk in the darkness.
3. The child saw a bird in the sky.
4. The twigs of the tree did not bear leaves.
5. Kings eat bread and honey and drink wine in the day.


1. I saw the king. He gave me his silver.
2. You (sg.) did not come to your field.
3. We ate their bread, and we drank their wine.
4. You (du.) carry my goats to your (du.) house.
5. He sowed the grain in our field.
6. They gave the gifts to us two.
7. The wolves said, “We ate the body of the king.”

1. Ik sahw thana thiudan. Is gaf mis silubr is.
2. Ni qamt du thamma akra theina.
3. Thana hlaif ize etum, jah thata wein ize drugkum.
4. Bairats gaitans meina du razna igqara.
5. Is saiso thata kaurn in akra unsara.
6. Eis gebun ugkis thans maithmans.
7. Thai wulfos qethun, “weis etum thata leik this thiudanis.”

1. Ik gaf thata gulth jah thata silubr thamma skalka this thiudanis.
2. Jut qemuts in akra meina.
3. Weis setum mith barnam unsaraim ana thamma asta this bagmis.
4. Wit gebu im land ugkara.
5. Thai fuglos etun kaurn theina.
6. (Thu) wein drigkis jah ni saiis in akra theina.
7. (Jus) foruth du razna meina in thamma daga.

1. I gave the gold and the silver to the servant of the king.
2. You two came into my field.
3. We sat with our children on the branch (asts) of the tree.
4. We two gave them our land.
5. The birds ate your grain.
6. You (sg.) drink wine and you do not sow in your field.
7. You (pl.) went to my house on that day.

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