Answers to lesson 1


1. The dog does not bite.
2. The wolves bite.
3. The king sees.
4. The servant does not sleep.
5. The fishes do not eat.
6. The birds sing.
7. The bird and the goat do not spin.

1. Sa hunds ni beitith.
2. Thai wulfos beitand.
3. Sa thiudans saihwith.
4. Sa skalks ni slepith.
5. Thai fiskos ni itand.
6. Thai fuglos siggwand.
7. Sa fugls jah sa gaits ni spinnand.
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1. Sa fugls drigkith.
2. Sa thiudans diwith.
3. Thai skalkos ni liugand.
4. Thai wulfos itand.
5. Sa fisks ni beitith.
6. Thai hundos ni greipand.
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1. The bird drinks.
2. The king dies.
3. The servants do not lie.
4. The wolves eat.
5. The fish does not bite.
6. The dogs do not seize.
7. The king and the servant drink.

1. The dogs bite the wolf.
2. The wolf eats the goats.
3. The king gives a gift.
4. The servants break the stones.
5. The birds do not see the wind.
6. The servant does not swear oaths.
7. The king and the servant eat the fishes. Back to lesson page.
1. Thai hundos beitand thana wulf.
2. Sa wulfs itith thans gaitans.
3. Sa thiudans gibith maithm.
4. Thai skalkos brikand thans stainans.
5. Thai fuglos ni saihwand thana wind.
6. Sa skalks ni swarith aithans.
7. Sa thiudans jah sa skalks itand thans fiskans.


1. The servant carries the goat.
2. The birds break the branches.
3. The king swears an oath.
4. The wolves do not see birds.
5. The goat eats leaves.
6. Birds, wolves, and goats do not spin.
7. The servants give gifts.

1. Sa skalks bairith thana gait.
2. Thai fuglos brikand thans astans.
3. Sa thiudans swarith aith.
4. Thai wulfos ni saihwand fuglans.
5. Sa gaits itith laubans.
6. Fuglos, wulfos, jah gaitos ni spinnand.
7. Thai skalkos giband maithmans.
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